My Passion

If you like an instrument that sings, play the saxophone.  At its best it’s like the human voice.

Stan Getz

If someone wants to become my best friend, all they have to do is admit the superiority of the saxophone over all other instruments.  I tend to frown upon people who believe otherwise.  Not that I have anything against them, it’s just that the saxophone is better.  Period.  No questions asked.   You have probably concluded from my blunt statements that my passion is music, especially when it is played by a fantastic brass woodwind instrument with nearly unlimited melodic capabilities.

My first instrument was actually piano.  At the wise old age of five, my parents “convinced” me to take piano lessons.  This was the beginning of my endeavor into the vast and mesmerizing world of music.  After experimenting with the trombone in middle school band, I realized my true calling was to the saxophone, and switched to the woodwind the following year.

When I enrolled at Mayfield, I began taking saxophone playing seriously.  I practiced more often, took lessons, and my playing skills increased dramatically.  Of course, this was when I wasn’t playing Careless Whisper and Thrift Shop.  Below is a link to a high-quality, professional level performance of Careless Whisper.

The reason the saxophone is my passion is because I can play it for hours on end without tiring.  It’s like the energy to play one more note, learn one more rhythm, springs from playing the instrument.  It’s a wonderful self-sustaining process.  If you don’t have a saxophone, or don’t play music, I highly recommend you do.  If not, follow your own passion, but seriously, consider saxophone.



3 comments on “My Passion

  1. Ah, I don’t know Jael — clarinet is best. After all, no great band leader led with the sax. It’s nimble, playful, by far the superior instrument when it comes to woodwinds.

  2. I got to respectfully disagree, Jael, the violin, of course, is by far the world’s most loved instrument. The biggest reason is because I play it. Still the saxophone is in my top ten right after the bagpipes.

    • Thanks for the comment, Chris. I think we can settle our differences and agree that the bagpipes are undoubtedly the pinnacle of human achievement in instrumental manufacturing, and that all other instruments are rendered hopelessly inferior when spoken of in the same sentence.

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