3 Questions 10/11/13

  1. Over the course of the last week I finished the lengthy nomenclature assignment.  The assignment reminded me of the importance of foresight.  I didn’t procrastinate and leave the assignment for the last minute, but still I had to sacrifice a couple hours of sleep to finish the worksheet.   I managed to get 95% of the assignment done two nights before the due date.  The event was another small win in my seemingly eternal battle against procrastination.
  2. Recently, I stumbled across my dad’s copy of The Economist.  Inside of the newspaper was an interesting article about international chess play.  Chess has always been a hobby of mine.  The article talks about the World Chess Federation, (FIDE) and how it is revamping their system so tournament play is better suited for spectators.
  3. Next I plan on studying english vocabulary.  I have a test sometime next week.  Or maybe I’ll watch TV…
By aandre15

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