3 Questions 10-25-13

  1. What tasks have you completed recently? I recently finished the blog on the mole.  The most difficult part was coming up with a meme that was funny and original.  I decided to go with a twist on the Skyrim meme “Arrow to the Knee”.
  2. What have you learned recently?
    I have recently learned that I am on the loading crew for the marching band’s trip to the Zia Marching Band Fiesta tomorrow.  This means that I, along with a couple others, will be responsible for loading the bus with the band equipment such as instruments and flags.
  3. Next I plan on learning the jazz band audition etude, as well as finish the glog due Tuesday.  Hopefully I will have time the adequately prepare for the audition as well as produce a high quality glog in the time alotted to me.
By aandre15

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