The Mole…in all it’s glory

I have a confession to make:  I didn’t care about moles before this chemistry class.  Now, I actually find the units quite interesting.

I sure science teachers will be happy to know of my interest in Avodgadro’s number (6.022 x1023).  This arbitrary number is actually the number of atomic mass units (amu) in a gram.  This allows elements on the atomic scale to be replicated on our much larger everyday scale.  For example, one mole of H20  is equal to about 18 grams.  The molecular weight of H20 is about 18 amu.  What surprised me about all of this is how useful it is.  It has an immediate real world application.  Most of science which I tend to learn, while fascinating, doesn’t seem applicable in the near future.  I much as I want to manipulate my genetic code, there is a huge gap between the acquired knowledge and my ability to use it (for now).  I could use the information about moles to observe reactions in my kitchen (with adult supervision).  In my opinion, nothing relating to the mole is common sense.  It’s more like advanced algebra.  The mole, like algebra, is sometimes confusing at first.  But then you realize the usefulness of the tool.  You learn the method to the madness.  Suddenly, It’s hard to imagine science or math without a now vital tool.


By aandre15

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