3 Questions 11-1-13

1. What tasks have you completed recently? 
2. What have you learned recently?
3. What are you planning on doing next?

1. Recently I have finished one of the stoichiometry worksheets.  After much practice, I have found the topic easier to understand.  The most difficult part was identifying which chemical was the limiting reactant.  Now, I feel I am ready for that portion of the test.

2. Recently, I have learned how to maximize the area of a land plot in calculus.  What made the math intriguing was it’s direct to life application.  Unlike algebra 2 and trigonometry, calculus is generally more applicable to real life.  I think that calculating the rate of change of a function is an extraordinary idea. 

3. Next I plan on catching up on school.  I plan on reading my book for English, I well as reviewing some math and science homework.  With the end of marching season, I plan on using the extra time to refocus on my studies.

By aandre15

2 comments on “3 Questions 11-1-13

  1. You know I actually do feel like calculus is more applicable to real life then most maths, but not as much as geometry. That is only because nothing applies to the real world more than figuring out how to cut the perfect slice of pizza through determining angles.

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