Last 3 Questions Of the Year!!!!! (12-13-13)

Since this the last 3 question of the year I’ll discuss what I learned over the course of the year

    • What tasks have you completed recently? 
    • What have you learned recently?
    • What are you planning on doing next?
  1. So, recently I have survived Ms. Gardner’s class again.  I don’t know if that was a task, but my grade didn’t drop too low during the class.  Comparing myself now to freshman year, there are a lot of differences.  Freshman year, I was extremely dedicated and took the class very seriously.  The blogs and online homework were intimidating, but I powered through them.  This year, I’ll admit I was a little surprised by the difficulty.  Had I really gotten that soft and lazy since freshman year?  The second time around, I was better prepared for the class, but the rest of my coursework was more challenging and demanding.  So I’ll admit that I put less time and effort into this year than freshman year.  This class was interesting, every time I thought I had it under control, I became complacent and focused on other classes.  That is probably the reason I have a borderline A-.  One thing that’s going to bite me in the back is settling for less.  I have become so used to putting in minimal effort and scraping by with an A I have continued to lower the bar for myself.  The beginning of freshman year I had a high A.  I don’t think the course work has become more rigorous, I’ve just figured out how to pass a class with minimal effort.  If I want to succeed in life, I need to up the ante.
  2. So chemistry was the beginning of an awakening for me.  I’m starting to realize just how vast the human body of knowledge is.  How in the world do people discover this stuff?  The atom wasn’t discovered overnight.  There has always seemed (to me) to be a disconnect between I am capable of and the technological world around us.  How in world did we make flashing screens? Sure you can be like “um you program it”, but that’s like telling me it fell out of the sky. the laptop I’m typing right now would have been considered witchcraft 400 years ago, supernatural 200 years ago, and not of planet Earth 20 years ago.  TWENTY YEARS.  That’s like, almost when I was born! (I feel old..)  In twenty years this laptop will be ancient, kinda depressing.  Now, I realize that in order to contribute to the scientific body of knowledge, you have to know your field of study like the back of your hand. 
  3. Next I plan on studying calculus homework.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  Those integrals won’t derive themselves.   Actually they kinda do…
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